Maik Hummel

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Hi, I'm Maik. I do tech. Love building software products with great people. By day you can spot me building a Conversational AI platform over at Kauz. By night you might stumble upon me despairing of Kubernetes, Flutter or the world itself.

Can't we do better about blogging in 2021 already?

For the last 10 years I relied on WordPress for all my blogging (and website) needs. Over time I figured out, it's not about getting the website up and running. The difficult part is maintaining it.

If you ever had your WordPress site defaced – for whatever plugin- / theme-related security issue, you might end up becoming desperate about better approaches to get your "word out". With no time for weekly updates, plugin experiments and badly coded themes, I decided to dig deeper into the blogging jungle of 2021.

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